Monday, May 10, 2010

Hot Couture is proud to be a sponsor of the Adelaide Roller Derby. Not only do we sponsor roller derby but we make most of the team uniforms. Along the way we just happened to fall in love with the game. No one was more surprised than I was, not being a huge sport fan myself. We lived in the States for a bit and I fell the same way for Baseball as I have fallen for Roller Derby. Those of you who haven't been before have no idea what your missing.
It's not just the game but the entertainment that goes along with it. When you turn up for the very first time I think most people are surprised at the line-up to get in. Roller Derby has it's die hard fans that come every week and it has new people coming along each bout to add to the 2,500 throng. You will be greeted by roller girls before you even go through the doors. Once through there are stalls, merchandise and fabulous pre 1950's cars. There is always one of Adelaide's best swing or rock bands playing live, that only adds to the excitement. The M.C. Boon and sometimes special guest Nikki Candy will walk you through the game before it starts and IF you can hear them they are extremely entertaining to boot.
The skate out is always thrilling, when the teams skate out to the sound of their very own hand picked music to go along with their team name.
The Salty Dolls blew us all out of the water with the huge shark ( below ) complete with bloodied jaws, to the music of Jaws. Mile Die Club skate out in a jet formation and throw red paper planes into the crowd, watch out you don't lose an eye. Wild Hearses ( the only team uniforms H.C. hasn't made. ) Still we are very impressed with the girls sewing skills. They skate out with a coffin covered in Marigolds and throw paper marigolds into the crowd. Last but not least The Road Train Rollers skate out in an enormous blue road train. We think all of the teams are genius to pull this off each week. If the refs can do it they get the crowd to do the mexican wave although I often find I'm the only one standing in my row, I've no idea why but I love a good mexican wave. I'm pretty proud to think we have made all those uniforms but even more proud of these remarkable girls who have made Adelaide Roller Derby so exciting. Why don't you come along next time and see for yourself. XXX Joy

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