Friday, April 9, 2010

VIVA LAS VEGAS..................what can I say about the best time I ever had except it was the best time I ever had. The Orleans was rockin, every second of the day and night there was something to do.
I spent the first day hanging out with my girl Stavroula and her very very gorgeous boyfriend Aaron. We hit Caesers Palace and The Bellagio had a look around the Strip and then headed over to where all the Rockabilly action was. So many fabulous people I couldn't quite get my head around it all. My camera was on all of the time incase I missed some amazing creature. My best friend in the whole world Gayle flew in from London with her daughter Ruby ( Emerald Fontaine) one of London's best Burlesque dancers. I couldn't wait to show them the action at The Orleans and they weren't disappointed. The highlights for me were Wanda Jackson goes without saying, Dita Von Teese although she wasn't part of Viva. Charles Phoenix slide show, the fashion show..............our very own Miss Hussy had a big part in the parade and how she pulled it all together is beyond me she is truly fabulous as were all her garments. Chop Shop boys were great the jive dancing comp.THe Tiki pool party was great fun except for the wind. Chuck Berry was a bit different than the last time I saw him but it was still cool being in the presence of a legend. Ran into Miss Paula Jane and Hayley where we shared popcorn, it's funny how exciting it is to see other Australians you know. They were having the best time as well but how could you not.
Really great to see all the other Aussie's. I hung out with Stav, Aaron, Gayle and Ruby most of the time and we gave out loads of Hot Couture playing cards and postcards. It was a great trip for networking and talking to all the other wonderful designers. I had a great chat with the owner of Stop Staring who told me they tried to kick her out of Viva because she was reproduction 50's attire. Look at her now.
She was quite wonderful and so interesting and interested in Hot Couture and wished me well.
The atmosphere was so lovely everyone there for the same thing,music, dancing and the fab clothes to buy. I finally ran into Sarah and Pete from Deadbeat magazine on my last night at a Japanese restaurant they were at the next table. We made arrangements to meet a the Bellagio the next morning for breakfast and that was a highlight for me as well.
I loved the hotel and didn't mind the cab trips back and forth at all, it was nice being on the Strip. The Flamingo where Stav and Aaron stayed was really nice too. I ran into rockabilly dancers Jimmy and Margie from Sydney and Elise on the last day. Jade from LA on the last day so many people I knew. Would I recommend it and will I go again.........Absolutely loved it all except LAX avoid that at all costs. Can't wait for next year to do it all again. XXX Joy

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