Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Pia's 30th birthday Prom night.
What can I say about my stunningly beautiful Hot Couture model PIa Anderson. Pia worked for me 15 years ago at my kids costume hire shop " THe Little Shop for Horrors." We had so much fun, right next door was Deb Vidler's shop Fancy That we would dress up constantly in whatever costumes were handy. It was a wonderful time for me and the girls who worked with us. Pia had her beautiful son Bayley while working there and I am lucky enough to be his fairy Godmother. I couldn't believe how gorgeous and grown up he was a the party.
I had hit the ground running only just back from my whirlwind trip to Vegas but it never even crossed my mind to not go to Pia's party. Not only would I see Bay and Pia but I would get to party with my older kids Gypsy and of my fave things apart form Hot Couture is to hang out and party with my kids. Ginger was in Perth and sadly missed all the merriment. There was plenty to be had we laughed all the way. Gypsy and her friends decided to go all 70's 80's I couldn't possibly put myself in the hideous garb of that era I thought they were all great sports to do so. Especially Gypsy who completed her prom outfit with fake braces on her teeth, even her camera was 70's and matched her dress. The limo ride was hilarious and needless to say we were all tanked on arrival. Stepping into the Balmain Town Hall was like going into a time machine. Pia and her family had made the hall so perfect. On the stage was a swing band all of Pia's friends were dressed up mostly in 50's and looking stunning. Burlesque Queens Lisa Toyer and Kitty Van Horne looked gorgeous in their stunning gowns. Lisa made the cake which as you can see in the pics is a perfect replica of Pia in her gown. The big band played, Stu from Zombie Ghost Train sang as did Pia.
Pia was joined by the lovely Sarah from The Velvet Set and Kitty Van Horne sang one of my fave songs Jackson. It really was a night to remember.
Bayley and all his friends crumped, Gypsy and all her gang performed Thiller although they seemed to have forgotten a lot of it since Halloween. The food was all 50's themed pineapples and cupcakes something that didn't go un-noticed by me. Rockabilly dancers Jimmy and Margie were there along with Mark, Sue, Robyn and Georgio. All my fave people from the 50's fair and Wintersun. I danced all night with my son Eddy until I lost him to a much younger and cuter Persia.
Pias partner Angus was happily looking after everything and making sure it all went perfectly, the night ended with stacks on started by Gypsy of course. Pia forgot to give out the Prom Queen and King but gave it out in the last hour with A tearful Gypsy and Christian still wearing his afro accepting and giving a very long speech while Colin and I yelled out "rigged rigged". What a wonderful night so happy I made the effort to go.
We all wish Pia a wonderful trip to New York City where she is doing a cameo appearance in Mad Men and going to the screening of the Yopait ad. Good luck Pia come back and watch out for Stavroula she will get you in trouble for sure. XXX Joy

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