Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our girl Stavroula below is doing wonderful things in New York. Not only has she scored the job of her dreams but she has also landed a job at the after party launch of Sex and the City 2. Were so excited for her here at H.C.H.Q. We miss her around here but can hardly wait to hear all of her wonderful stories when she comes back. If she EVER does.
Over the years I have seen lots of my lovely girls go on to bigger and better things and as much as I miss them all it makes me very proud that they got their start here with us. Years ago when I had The Little Shop for Horrors in Sydney Amy Havilland worked for me, she went on to NIDA and then to work on some of Australia's biggest films.
Pia who worked for me is doing amazing things and is in N.Y.C as I write, can't wait to her all her adventures.
Kate McInerney has done an internship with some famous designer, sorry Kate I know he is Alexander McQueens partner or something, were very proud of Kate and I will find out who she worked for later. Emma Kate Wood just scored a job in London as well having finished putting on all the studs on Lady Gaga's costumes. That would have had to send you Gaga Em.
We still manage to plod along here at H.C and get our orders out on time. Don't leave me Greta..................I don't know how long I can hang on to her she has her own Label Greta Kate which you can find on facebook, very different for H.C. and her designs are stunning. So all my girls are genius, I love them all and I love to see them all fly.................even if it is the H.C. coop. XXX Joy

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