Tuesday, March 13, 2012

The Lindy Charm School

I can't remember ever having such a wonderful girly day and so much fun. Never have I seen so many bobby pins, lipstick, hairspray and rollers all in one room. We arrived at the workshop to be greeted by the very fabulous Chrissy and Sammy who run the course you couldn't meet two nicer or welcoming gals, we had no idea what to expect but I can honestly say we never expected to be able to do 6 hairstyles with setting lotion and that was all before lunch. Chrissy gave us the lowdown on undergarments and I thought I knew everything about vintage underwear it seems not. They both talked about posture and confidence and how important it is to take a compliment ( that's never been one of MY problems, I almost jump the person who compliments me. ) Just before lunch we were served champagne while our do's set. Lunch was quite wonderful at Queenie's in Largs Bay I can highly recommend it. Then we dropped in on Rene Mussared who owns a fab shop called In Love Again Vintage, another shop you must visit. Lovely Rene had a bucket full of clip ons for us to pick a pair each, too much fun. After lunch we learnt all about make up and how little we actually need. The girls make their own Russian Red lippy and let me tell you I haven't smelt or tried a lipstick like that since I borrowed my Grannies when I was 6. Not only did we learn so many new things but we made friends with a lot of the girls. Elly and I left with new do's, setting lotion and new lippy. It all came in handy the next day when  I had my photo taken with Louise Whelan. More about that later. The next day at lunch my daughter Ginger said and I quote " I actually think your more charming today Mum." Hilarious.

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