Thursday, January 12, 2012

New stuff coming

 Gosh, time has gone by so fast I haven't had time to even write my blog. The new website is keeping us extremely busy and I thought January would be a slow month. We had the most wonderful Christmas and even managed a few days off for a road trip with the kids. Lots of fun.
We have had so many inquiry's about playsuit's and bathing costume's so we have made up some samples that we will share with you soon. We have been doing the bathers in the photo for some time and we can make them up in red with white spots as well. They are not on the website but you can order through us at Siren's swimwear has 50's bathing suits pretty well covered and we highly recommend them. As for good fitting playsuits, we are still trying to find the perfect fit but when we do we will put them up on facebook.  We have some lovely shirts coming your way as well, that was the plan for January but we didn't expect to be so busy so they will be a few weeks away as well. Watch this spot XXX Joy

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