Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rockabilly Rumble Wrap Up!

It's official: the hangover has gone but the buzz from the Rockabilly Rumble hasn't.

We here at Hot Couture had THE. BEST. TIME. EVERRRRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sooooo....the organisers were expecting around 300 people or so but turns out Adelaideans aren't too shabby when it comes to partying as A THOUSAND PEOPLE showed up! Yee haw! Ginger and I had a stall during the day selling Day of the Bed pillows and Hot Couture boat hats and flowers. Observe:

Ginger through the mirror as taken by our resident angular photographer deluxe, professor Sven Kovac.

Me and my new children, me wee lil' hair flowers trying hard not to say "Hey kid, ya wanna buy a flowa?"!!

So anyways, there was a pie eating contest during the day (that I somehow missed) and the pizza guy was late but fun was still had by all. Especially my long suffering boyfriend Aaron, who put the 'man' in manning our stall whilst we faffed about, squealing and pinching bums et. al. Hi Ron! Love you bubbeleh!!

Mama Joy surprised us all by hiring a luxe hotel room across the road from the joint where we could all get ready together in harmony, and with Harmony (Harmony Nicholas, our honorary model-slash-photographer-slash-muse-slash-dream woman)!

Marie and I ironing my awesome pink human hair extensions from Harlem! God I love this woman. Any best friend who hand-dyes and irons some poor Indian girl's hair for the good of a fashion parade is worth her weight in gold!

Sarah looking mighty interested in the physics of makeup application! You can do it Sarah!

Greta looking B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L all hibiscus-ed up...and totally incognito to Aaron!

Carla 'The Boss' Lippis getting her 'Sass' on being a 'Bad Ass'!

Ginger hamming it up with Harmony's delicious, delicious strawberries!

Our saviours, Mortimer and Sven, aiding us flailing maidens with shoe emergencies!

The mess Joy was faced with pre-parade and pre-bed. Le sigh!

So with 5 mins to go until the parade, we rushed our way through makeup n' hair and made it just in time. WOOT WOOT! And after the best dressed competition we strutted our proverbial stuff and had the MOST AMAZING TIME AND HAD SO MUCH FUN AND LAGHED OUR ASSES OFF AND FUN FUN FUN FUN ADD SUPERLATIVE TIMES A MILLION AD INFINITUM FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ahem. So the parade was mondo fun. Us models were so proud to represent Joy's company and new designs with most style and aplomb. She really is such a magnificent lady and it was a pleasure to wear her clothes and strut around the Cranker for a night, making her proud. The video of the parade will be up soon so keep a stalk, I mean, eye out!

The rest of the night was admittedly a teency bit blurry. Booze flowed a-plenty, there was a fight during the Satellites' show that Ginger and Joy ended up being in the middle of (somehow?), dancing was done, food was scoffed and some of us may or may not have broken into the Botanic Gardens to make out with our lusty boyfriends. Alas, the true spirit of rockabilly people!

Congratulations to Jessi and Phil of Smokin' Betty's Events who did such a professional and magnificent job organising the first annual rockabilly Rumble. Everyone had a pret-ty dang great time at said hootenanny and we can't flipping wait until next year!

And thank you as always to Joy Taylor, Designer of Hot Couture, purveyor of the finest quality and most feminine frocks around, everybody's fairy godmother and my employer slash friend who really inspired her models to do the best job possible and have as much fun in life always.

Postcard designed by Sven Kovac! Until next week friends and internet stalkers!

Love Stav xoxoxo

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  1. Wow. A thousand people! I knew it looked like a lot...unfortunately I was exhausted and only stayed about an hour and missed all the fun. =[ But it definitely looks like you all had a great time.
    -Andi x