Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hot Couture Fashion Parade THIS SUNDAY!

Hey there Hotties!

We here at Hot Couture Hq are pret-ty excited about strutting our proverbial stuff this Sunday at the FIRST ANNUAL ROCKABILLY RUMBLE at the Crown and Anchor hotel in Adelaide! With 6 live bands including THE SATELLITES, burlesque dancers, live tattooing, food, dancing and the all-star fashion parade we're having a hard time sitting still until Sunday! Uh, and there's a PIE EATING CONTEST PEOPLE - YUHHUH, DELICIOUS CREAM PIE GORGING FOR ALL!!

We'll also be running a treaty lil' stall of goodies, including Day of the Bed skull pillows and Hot Couture hair flowers and 40s boat hats!! Here we are at the Adelaide Roller Derby Grand Final showing our fineries to the masses:

Day of the Bed pillows are 30 smackeroonies, the boat hats are a sweet tenner and the flower hair accessories are 12 clams each!! All Adeladies come say howdy and stay tuned for pics from the show! It's gonna blow the roost we tells ya!

In the meantime, Christina, we can't stop listening to thee and we crave your wanton rack.

- Love Stav xxx

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