Wednesday, January 27, 2010


It's been a helluva busy week here at HC headquarters and here's a neat lil' roundup of all our current projects on the boil:

1. Joy and I will be hitting the VIVA LAS VEGAS rockabilly festival in April for a weekend of trashy madness! We will not be selling our wares BUT we will indeed be spreading the word about HC and drinking hooch out of cowboy boots! So Money! You will find us handing out postcards throughout the weekend and/or lounging by the pool at the Flamingo. See ya at the Tiki pool party!

2. Work is going strong on Kylie Lyons' faaabulous bridesmaid frocks and the top secret designs will be unleashed on the blog only after the wedding is over. Ooh! Aah!

3. Continuing the oh-so-delightful relationship with the Adelaide Roller Derby League (ARDL) Hot Couture is proud to announce that we are the official designer of the new uniforms for the MILE DIE CLUB and SALTY DOLLS!

And one little note that is of interest to all you sportsfans....

4. Joy is very happy to make any Hot Couture style in the fabric of your choice, so long as you provide her with fabric! This means that AMAZING atomic fabric you bought at Catwalk a few years ago (that's probably sitting at the bottom of your wardrobe) can now live again as a Lolita Tight or Bardot Evening! Customers, send us an email at outlining the nature of the fabric (cotton, viscose, lycra etc.) and Joy will do her best to turn your idea into a fully fledged Hot Couture frock!

- Stavroula xoxo

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