Monday, January 18, 2010

Happy Little Campers

Joyleen sure does run a tight ship here at HC HQ...barely a day goes by in the studio sans a dummy spit and 10 lashings to the lower deck should we misbehave with Bob. Greta and I cowl in fear at Joy's cruel managerial tyranny - oh the horror, lunch in beautiful Stirling again - and to prove just how horrible it is making pretty frocks in a pretty place, here are the photos to prove it!

Greta is wearing 'Sandra Dee Tight', Stavroula is wearing 'Ginger Tight' and Joy is wearing rosy horns!

Greta and yours truly hating every minute of fabulosity.

Observe: a textbook case of a proletarian in revolt!

The Hot Couture Annual General KPI performance indicator moderation human resource target budgets etc. meeting

Cold calling various leopards in an attempt to coax them out of their skin.

Don't get caught with egg on your face *don't...get...caught*


Working with Joy RULES. And that's the truth Ruth!

- Stavoula xoxo

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