Friday, March 22, 2013

It's been a long time between blogs.

It's been a long time between blogs, just trying to find five minutes these days is next to impossible. Some of you may know I have been flying back and forth to Sydney every few weeks, it has been exhausting trying to keep on top of Hot Couture and juggle everything all at once but it is starting to all come together.
We have been talking about printing our own fabric for some time to set us apart, so that is one of the reasons for our Sydney trips, it's taking a lot longer than I would have imagined but when it is all go it will be worth the wait.
The other reason is my husband Deane has been working on a film up there, he's up there a lot as well so we manage to see each other and hang out with our friends and kids up there. Our eldsest daughter Gypsy just left to live in L.A. for a while so I was happy that I had managed to spend quality time with her before she left.
Just before she left for L.A. she had an exhibition that pretty much sold out it was amazing and I will attach a photo underneath. I couldn't be prouder of my three kids they all amaze me.
The other thing that has been happening at Hot Couture is we have been doing a lot of made to measure which I love. I adore making one only gowns especially and recently at the Miss Pin Up Australia competition we had 3 beautiful gowns in the finals, just a little bit excited about that. Mind you the girls were all stunners so that helped. We also had a few day dresses and a playsuit that made an appearance.
I have also been making a lot of made to measure garments for favourite customers up in Sydney, we have a good fan base now, in fact so much so that we could just make our regular clients garments and be happy. One of our best customers is Sarah Doyle from Porteno ( you probably either know or have heard of her and her husband Elvis). Anyhoo Sarah is just the best P.R so when we go up to Sydney we normally have orders for her to try on and adjust or whatever. Last time I was up which was only 2 days ago we took 4 frocks capri's and a top all for Sarah's trip to Vegas, she look stunning in every piece of course. I'm only going to put photo's up of the back of the frocks because I want don't want to spoil any surprise appearances she night want to make in Vegas.
I found rolls of the most incredible lame in gold, silver, lilac, pale pink and black and Sarah is the first one to have garments made up. The zebra fabric is her own and boy do we wish we could get our hands on some of that fabric, it is just gorgeous and good quality as well. While we were in our Sydney apartment trying on stuff Myffy called in as well, another really good H.C. customer below is a pic of Sarah and Myffy having fun.
I was supposed to be going on the Vintage shopping trip in two days and then on to Viva Las Vegas but because of an old injury I can't fly for a bit. I am hoping I will be on top of it by next year and then I can do Austin and New York as well, might as well do the lot I say, maybe it was meant to be. Sorry Little Richard you will just have to miss out on meeting me, hehe.


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