Friday, April 8, 2011

Häna Brenecki for Hot Couture

Häna Brenecki
On Monday night the fabulous Hana and her band Ricochet Pete are playing at the Gov with non other than one of my fave bands Cherry Poppin' Daddies. 
Hana owns shares in H.C. having bought quite a few of our frocks. Here are a few that we have made up exclusively for her.

Ricochet Pete has come a long way since the band started in 2004 playing a 21st backyard birthday. Starting out as a solid three piece, original members Hana, Shannon and Matty, wrote and recorded two cd’s , playing a sold out EP launch of ‘sugar coated’ at the Jade Monkey in 2007. Influenced by the Sonics, the Muffs, Juliette and the Licks, Turbonegro, plenty of 60’s girl groups and a whole lot of booze, RP have had a couple of guitarists to add to the madness over the years to make four.
Releasing their first full album in 2009 titled ‘the Dark Side’ at Enigma bar and then launching it in Melbourne soon after, fuelled the band to get supports such as Pierced Arrows (USA), The Assassinators ( Denmark) and Bodyjar’s sold out last ever tour.
The Dark side sold multiple copies online, at shows and through Big Star Records, and reached number 1 six weeks in a row on 3D radio’s top 20+1 charts finishing at number 3 for the year.
In 2011 RP have been asked to support The Cherry Poppin' Daddies in Adelaide on their Australian Tour, and in swing with the new guitarist, it's goin to be a good year.
Have a great night guys we're very excited that not only are you playing with my fave band but you will be wearing one of your Hot Couture numbers. 
Thanks Hana for your support. XXXX Joy

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